hey kids! so i’ve been saying for a while (at least a couple years) that i was going to redesign velvetcrayonDOTcom.. well.. it’s up! and you’re looking at it! still fleshing it out a bit (will have the entire velvet crayon catalog up on bandcamp / linked through here by the end of the month hopefully). let me know if you have any suggestions on things. yeah!

*big news coming soon, we’ve hinted at it already but i guess i can say it here: VELVET CRAYON TOUR! MAY 2013: THE LIMITED EDITION TOUR. yes! here are the dates / locations we are looking at. if you could help us with a show, suggestion for a show or are in a band and want to play with me while we’re (maryn & i.. and angela for part of the tour) on the road, let me know / email us (! here’s the dates / locations:

Saturday, May 11th: Washington DC SHOW
Monday, May 13th: Asheville, NC SHOW
Tuesday, May 14th: Nashville, TN SHOW
Wednesday, May 15th: Louisville, KY SHOW
Thursday, May 16th: Champaign, IL SHOW (*)
Friday, May 17th: Champaign, IL SHOW (*we’re game to play either day in Champaign or potentially even both?)
Saturday, May 18th: Chicago, IL SHOW
Sunday, May 19th: Detroit, MI SHOW
Monday, May 20th: Cleveland, OH SHOW
Tuesday, May 21st: Pittsburgh, PA SHOW
Thursday, May 23rd: Brooklyn, NY SHOW
Friday, May 24th: PHILLY HOME!!! JR’S Bar SHOW
*UPDATE (4/10/13): so the tour has been delayed till 2014, more info about why can be found on this blog post, tour update & other upcoming happenings*

thanks! see you soon!


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