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hey! so i have started vlogging. i’ve been posting one weekly vlog (posting usually on tuesday’s, sometimes monday’s), i’m calling them the vcVlog and here’s a description of them:

The Velvet Crayon Vlog or vcVlog, as we’re calling it, is going to be a weekly video consisting of things that happened during that week. Video will be recorded every day and compiled into a weekly vlog which will be posted on every Tuesday.

there are also some live videos up on youtube on the velvet crayon playlist.

i have some shows coming up! may 10th is the beginning of carnivolution season!! so excited. during the opening show of the season i am playing a velvet crayon set before the sideshow as well as doing some acts within the sideshow. i will be doing things within the sideshow all season so definitely come check it out, carnivolution is always an amazingly awesome time! there’s more info on the upcoming shows page. there you’ll see some other shows that are going to be happening too! lots of fun stuff this summer.

still recording, it’s slowed a little because of other things that have been going on but i am recording! the goal is three full length albums this year (and probably a couple eps and maybe a single). hmmm, what else, oh! stickers are coming soon! i’ve ordered them and just waiting for them to arrive in the mail! yes!

the live show will be evolving all summer long! there’s lots of ideas and experiments happening in velvet crayon world to expand everything (still going to be a one manned band, but definitely evolving the live experience). so excited!

that’s all for now. check out the vcVlog, subscribe to the youtube channel, i post a bunch on the vcFacebook & i will see you all very soon!


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