tour update & other upcoming happenings


well hello there friends so a few things have been happening in the world of velvet crayon and i thought that i should fill you all in.

first of all the “limited edition” tour that maryn & i had planned for may of this year (2013) has been delayed until next year (2014). i know that may seem like bad news or as though something went wrong but it’s actually good news! maryn recently got a super bangerang job which she would not be able to take time off of so soon after being hired and it also looks as though that we are moving (around the time when the tour would be)! not very far, but to our own house (maryn, jason & myself)! this will mean more arts, more musics and more crazy absurdness. it will also mean we will be able to better plan out the activities of velvet crayon since we’ll be under the same roof.

second, umm.. okay, i’m going to abandon this “first.. second..” thing and just write what comes to mind that i wanted to tell you all.

okay, so you know the limited edition tour is now going to happen next year. you know we’re most likely moving. i’m recording! yes! the plan is to release three full length albums this year! they shall include: “ampersand imperfecta”, “play’s children’s songs, sorta (if your kids drop acid)”, and an untitled album which i’ve been tentatively calling “the lost they are a generation” but i don’t know yet if i’ll keep that title or change it.

also, there will still be a bunch of shows this year. i just played at the station bar this past friday (some live clips of that will be posted soon, i think i’ll post one today actually), i made a guest appearance at a sideshow called Clown Babe and the Freakin Rican Show which was a lot of fun and i’m also going to be participating in the Squidling Brothers Carnivolution again this year (first show is May 10th!).

oh! video blogs or vlogs as maryn keeps trying to get me to call them. maryn and i have decided that i am going to do a vlog for velvet crayon. one vlog a week! not sure how long they’ll be but they will just be things that have happened in the world of velvet crayon that week. i don’t know what day of the week i’ll post them but i’ll try to always post them the same day. i hope to start that next week? maybe monday or tuesday i’ll post the first one? i’ll post here and on facebook when it’s up.

i think that’s about everything for now. maryn will start blogging more once the move happens and she’ll be in the vlogs. if i forgot anything, i’ll post again later. hope everyone is well, cheers!


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