coney island, summer 2014, & other going ons.


hey! sorry it’s been such a long time since i’ve posted here. there’s been a lot going on! let’s see, where do i start?

first, i am now working at the coney island usa sideshow! monday-friday, until september 1st. show runs continuously from 1pm – 8pm (last ticket sold at 7pm). tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for kids (under 12), at the door. more info can be found here.

second, the “ambush of the koala prince” tour in may went amazingly. thanks everyone who helped make that possible! special thank you to the most amazing friend & band manager ever, maryn.

third.. umm.. oh! i know i kind of faded away from vlogging but i am going to start that up again with, vcVlog2.0! it’ll start up within the next couple weeks. not sure if it’ll be a daily vlog or a weekly one. we shall see.

as well as working at coney island, i am still going to be doing other shows throughout the summer! then this fall i will be embarking on a two month long tour with the squidling brothers circus sideshow! yes!

so many things going on. remember, keep checking out the shows page for the most up to date shows. and come visit me at coney island! it’s a ton of fun and i’m working on some fun acts for that show. i will try to post here / blog more often. hope everyone is well!!!! cheers!


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