it’s 2016?!


hi! i suck at updating websites. i should get better at that.

here’s new things!

first, i entered the 2016 npr tiny desk contest! i played my song “sleep it all off” and you can view that over on the youtubes: velvet crayon – sleep it all off (tiny desk contest)

second, i released a new thing! it’s called “the first 6 songs of ampersand imperfecta“, catchy right? well it’s a sampler of the upcoming full length album which will be available this spring. if you buy the sampler now, you will receive the full album at half price! yes!

third, upcoming shows!
january 29th – sideshow performance @ roxy & dukes
january 4 – february 9th – new orleans grind show (more info coming soon)
february 11th – baltimore, md (more info coming soon)
february 13th – live at bob & barbara’s lounge, philadelphia, pa (6-8p – free!)
more shows and info about these shows to be announced soon!

that’s all for now. see you next time!


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