2017 – the year of videos?


hello everyone! i am the worst at updating this news section but everyone already knew that. here’s some plans for velvet crayon in 2017:

a new album, “ampersand imperfecta”, has already been released in january of this year! it’s available on itunes, apple music, spotify, google play, bandcamp, all the things! check it out!

it will be released on cd in march!

what else is new.. oh yeah, i entered the tiny desk contest again, my entry can be seen here:

speaking of videos.. i am planning / attempting to release a new velvet crayon music video every month! yes! i have a week left to do one for february but it’s in the works so i think we’ll make it in time!

what else is new… going to do lots of shows as always. want me to visit your town? send me an email!

i think that’s it for now. stay tuned. most up to date stuff is on facebook and instragram. cheers!


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