the year is coming to a close


well hello there! i don’t post in this section very often but i thought i’d give an end of the year update.

this year, 2017, has been an extremely productive one. not only was there a ton of awesome shows i performed in but i also put out two, yes, TWO, full length albums: Ampersand Imperfecta and The Lost They Are A Generation. but i’m not done yet, nope, i play on releasing a third full length album before the year is over. this third album will be titled: Plays Childrens Songs, Sorta (If Your Kids Drop Acid). expect that album to be released sometime in December 2018.

also this year, with the help of my amazing wife Sharpie Velour, i have released a music video every month! still working on november and decembers videos but at the end there will have been 12 new music videos in 2017!

but what is ahead, you may be asking yourself. well, a lot is a head! in 2018 i plan to continue the productiveness. still will be releasing music videos (probably not one a month, we want to do more elaborate one’s so maybe every other month or one every three months or something).

i am also revamping my live setup, so in 2018 you will hopefully see and hear a whole new setup when i play live. this is so that i can play all of the new songs i’ve written as well as one’s i haven’t even thought of yet.

there have been talks of a Redding Fields album in early 2018 as well as maybe a Velvet Crayon / Redding Fields tour!!!!

so lots is ahead of us here at Velvet Crayon. thanks for all the support this year! it’s meant so much to me and i’m excited for the future! cheers!

p.s. don’t forget, another new album before the year is over!!!!!


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