hello there! wow it’s 2018! i can’t believe it. well, here’s what is planned so far:

i took january off. i’ve been just relaxing and it’s felt really really nice.

in february the squids are joining forces with the PLIBmen for a show at my favourite bar in philly, bob and barbara’s!

in march, jelly boy, matterz squidling, and myself, are hitting the road for a mini-tour.. we’re going to ypsilanti, detroit, and chicago. just a little trip. there may be one more date added to this but we’re not sure yet.

in april i am doing superfreak weekend at coney island usa! it’s always a really fun weekend with my freakfriends and i can’t wait.

then in late april / early may.. no promises yet.. but there’s been whispers of a velvet crayon tour. not a super big one, but a tour none-the-less. sharpie and i want to hit the road and do some things! there’s no solid details for this at all but hopefully there will be some coming very soon.

and then the other thing planned for 2018 is that i will be a full time cast member of the coney island circus sideshow this summer and will be performing saturday – wednesday. i will post when this starts but probably around late may / early june.

besides that, i just want to play a lot of music this year. last year there was a ton of recording and music videos which was so very fun and now this year i want to play those songs! so hopefully with me being in nyc this summer for coney that’ll mean more music shows in nyc, probably some slipper room fun, and all kinds of surprises.

that’s all for now, i need to be productive with other things.. talk soon world!


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