the immortal velvet crayon


now do you all believe that im immortal?!

for those who dont know, last night (saturday june 23) there was an accident and a cement ceiling fell onto me (well onto an air duct then hit a wall then me). i am going to be fine. i have a slight skull fracture that did not require surgery and should heal just fine. i also had to have 9 stitches in my head and 4 above my eyebrow.

thanks to everyone for the well wishes and kindness and just all around awesomeness. it has been so overwhelming beautiful and thanks! ill try my best to write people back but if i miss ya im sorry, pretty exhausted. i will of course be accepting “get well soon” bootys and such 😉

but really, thanks again everyone and ill be back on stage before ya know it!

p.s. if you want to help moneywise, please, feel free to go buy an album at or check out my stuff on spotify!



this third image is blood, so you have to click it to see it


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