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photo by: kurt james brennan

photo by: kurt james brennan

I am Erik Paluszak and I am Velvet Crayon.

Velvet Crayon is sometimes a one manned band in a live setting with me playing electric guitar through effects pedals, backed with a drum sequencer, & vocals. Sometimes it is just vocals and ukulele. Other times I am doing some sort of sideshow / burlesque / performance art.

While Velvet Crayon began in 2005, I did not start performing music live until 2006. In 2012 these musical performances expanded to include sideshow and performance art as I joined the Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow. Within a year I became a touring member of their show, performing both my music as well as whatever performance art popped into my brain.

In 2014, I joined the Squidlings for my first tour coast-to-coast of America, performed the entire summer as a Coney Island Sideshow cast member, and did my first solo Velvet Crayon tour. A year later this expanded to tours all over Europe.

As Velvet Crayon, I have released over 12 albums/eps/samplers/singles of music. I am currently working on a new full length album titled “Ampersand Imperfecta” as well as planning upcoming tours and music videos.

Email me at velvetcrayon@gmail.com for availabilities / bookings in 2017.
I am available for electric music, ukulele music, burlesque, sideshow, and even hosting any of those!


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