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Redding Fields | The Spazms | Danby Pryce & the Jersey Motown | Mittens in the Media | Turritopsis Nutricula | Kaiserslautern Nein | Vote Smith | The Brittle Bones

Redding Fields.
Melissa Goodman & Erik Paluszak.

“Redding Fields is Sharpie Velour and Velvet Crayon.”

live premiere, april 10, 2016.

The Spazms.
Mat Fraser, Erik Paluszak, & Kenball.

“(De) formed in 2015, (de) based in New York, Mat Fraser, Velvet Crayon and Kenball, with Julie & Mel on BV’s, make music for lovers of B-movie bad taste, mutated crippled freakshow sexy ROCK. Friends include Sweet Tits, and The Stilletthoes, Coney Island USA, and the Burlesque and Sideshow scene, esp’ The Squidling Brothers. ONEOFUS are the production house for their work. Come check us OUT!”

Danby Pryce & the Jersey Motown.
Adam X. Storm, Mike Steffen, Rick Rumplik & Erik Paluszak.

“formed in 2012 in a garage in the pine barrens of south jersey, danby pryce & the jersey motown is the most recent name for velvet crayon meets heatsleeve.”

music will be online soon.

Mittens in the Media.
Erik Paluszak & Laura Gore.

“All songs written, performed, mixed, & cover art by Laura Gore & Erik Paluszak. Recorded at Stoned Monkey Studios in Sept/Oct of 2011.”

Turritopsis Nutricula.
Erik Paluszak (guitar), Rick Rumplik (drums) & Adam X. Storm (bass)

“turritopsis nutricula was an instrumental rock band formed during two recording sessions in 2010.”

Kaiserslautern Nein.
German-based drums & guitar.

not much is known about Kaiserslautern Nein except that they played at the Bridgetown Pub in Mt. Holly, NJ. there are some known recordings which will be released soon.

Vote Smith.
Danby Pryce, Douglas Gibb, Gary Maglary, & General Reginald “Arkansas” Pinifold.

“we’ll never fucking get there” is vote smith’s first ep, it was recorded in 2008 and has gone through several mixes over the years since. the mixes here are the final one’s, which have sometimes been referred to as “the fuzz mixes”. there’s no official release date, so i put it as january 1st of 2009.

all songs written, performed, & recorded in 2008 by Erik Paluszak & Mike Steffen in Mt Holly, NJ. “Delaware” features Rick Rumplik on drums & bass. “lettie 55” features the Rancocas Valley High School Marching Band (recorded as they were randomly walking by the apartment).

“danby in the north country” is a collection of songs mike steffen recorded on a 4-track recorder in new hampshire in 2010 then emailed to erik paluszak who added effects & mixed the songs. again, no real release date so it’s january 1st of 2011.

songs written & guitar/vocals by mike steffen. mixing/effects by erik paluszak. recorded in 2010.

The Brittle Bones.
Adam X. Storm, Erik Paluszak & Mike Steffen.

“meet the Angus MacGyvers of indie rock. what happens when a lawyer, a cripple and an english grad. decide to start a band? psh, the brittle bones of course!”

“the complete history (2006 – 2007) was released on December 31, 2007. Tracks 12-16 from ‘travelers [ep]’. Track 17, live @ the 449 room (11.18.06). All songs recorded from 2006 – 2007. All songs written/performed by: adam x. storm, erik paluszak and/or mike steffen. Track 5 features rani baten [vocals, handclaps], lisa mcintyre, kevin mcintyre & wayne [handclaps]. Track 17 features: rick rumplik [drums].”

“back to my old ways (supplement: 2010 – 2011) was released on December 31, 2011. all songs recorded from 2010 – 2011. all songs written/performed by: adam x. storm, erik paluszak, and/or mike steffen.”


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