hey everyone! wow i suck at updating this news section.. but hi!!! i’m about to leave for tour, like, tomorrow (more info on the shows page) but when i get back i am going to update this fancy website with all the info and updates that you didn’t even know you’ve been craving! you may even get a kitten picture as well!!! but yes, i promise a major update when i return! until then, see ya on the road?

now do you all believe that im immortal?!

for those who dont know, last night (saturday june 23) there was an accident and a cement ceiling fell onto me (well onto an air duct then hit a wall then me). i am going to be fine. i have a slight skull fracture that did not require surgery and should heal just fine. i also had to have 9 stitches in my head and 4 above my eyebrow.

thanks to everyone for the well wishes and kindness and just all around awesomeness. it has been so overwhelming beautiful and thanks! ill try my best to write people back but if i miss ya im sorry, pretty exhausted. i will of course be accepting “get well soon” bootys and such 😉

but really, thanks again everyone and ill be back on stage before ya know it!

p.s. if you want to help moneywise, please, feel free to go buy an album at velvetcrayon.bandcamp.com or check out my stuff on spotify!



this third image is blood, so you have to click it to see it

hello there! wow it’s 2018! i can’t believe it. well, here’s what is planned so far:

i took january off. i’ve been just relaxing and it’s felt really really nice.

in february the squids are joining forces with the PLIBmen for a show at my favourite bar in philly, bob and barbara’s!

in march, jelly boy, matterz squidling, and myself, are hitting the road for a mini-tour.. we’re going to ypsilanti, detroit, and chicago. just a little trip. there may be one more date added to this but we’re not sure yet.

in april i am doing superfreak weekend at coney island usa! it’s always a really fun weekend with my freakfriends and i can’t wait.

then in late april / early may.. no promises yet.. but there’s been whispers of a velvet crayon tour. not a super big one, but a tour none-the-less. sharpie and i want to hit the road and do some things! there’s no solid details for this at all but hopefully there will be some coming very soon.

and then the other thing planned for 2018 is that i will be a full time cast member of the coney island circus sideshow this summer and will be performing saturday – wednesday. i will post when this starts but probably around late may / early june.

besides that, i just want to play a lot of music this year. last year there was a ton of recording and music videos which was so very fun and now this year i want to play those songs! so hopefully with me being in nyc this summer for coney that’ll mean more music shows in nyc, probably some slipper room fun, and all kinds of surprises.

that’s all for now, i need to be productive with other things.. talk soon world!

well hello there! i don’t post in this section very often but i thought i’d give an end of the year update.

this year, 2017, has been an extremely productive one. not only was there a ton of awesome shows i performed in but i also put out two, yes, TWO, full length albums: Ampersand Imperfecta and The Lost They Are A Generation. but i’m not done yet, nope, i play on releasing a third full length album before the year is over. this third album will be titled: Plays Childrens Songs, Sorta (If Your Kids Drop Acid). expect that album to be released sometime in December 2018.

also this year, with the help of my amazing wife Sharpie Velour, i have released a music video every month! still working on november and decembers videos but at the end there will have been 12 new music videos in 2017!

but what is ahead, you may be asking yourself. well, a lot is a head! in 2018 i plan to continue the productiveness. still will be releasing music videos (probably not one a month, we want to do more elaborate one’s so maybe every other month or one every three months or something).

i am also revamping my live setup, so in 2018 you will hopefully see and hear a whole new setup when i play live. this is so that i can play all of the new songs i’ve written as well as one’s i haven’t even thought of yet.

there have been talks of a Redding Fields album in early 2018 as well as maybe a Velvet Crayon / Redding Fields tour!!!!

so lots is ahead of us here at Velvet Crayon. thanks for all the support this year! it’s meant so much to me and i’m excited for the future! cheers!

p.s. don’t forget, another new album before the year is over!!!!!

hello everyone! i am the worst at updating this news section but everyone already knew that. here’s some plans for velvet crayon in 2017:

a new album, “ampersand imperfecta”, has already been released in january of this year! it’s available on itunes, apple music, spotify, google play, bandcamp, all the things! check it out!

it will be released on cd in march!

what else is new.. oh yeah, i entered the tiny desk contest again, my entry can be seen here:

speaking of videos.. i am planning / attempting to release a new velvet crayon music video every month! yes! i have a week left to do one for february but it’s in the works so i think we’ll make it in time!

what else is new… going to do lots of shows as always. want me to visit your town? send me an email!

i think that’s it for now. stay tuned. most up to date stuff is on facebook and instragram. cheers!


i have started a blog / digizine / a writing thing about my thoughts, questions, and/or philosophy of cripple, a cripple manifesto. i know it may not seem like it is directly related to the art or music of “velvet crayon” but they are actually both the entirely same thing. won’t write much about it here at vcDOTcom but over on the cripple manifesto page, you can learn more and keep up with the writings.

hi! i suck at updating websites. i should get better at that.

here’s new things!

first, i entered the 2016 npr tiny desk contest! i played my song “sleep it all off” and you can view that over on the youtubes: velvet crayon – sleep it all off (tiny desk contest)

second, i released a new thing! it’s called “the first 6 songs of ampersand imperfecta“, catchy right? well it’s a sampler of the upcoming full length album which will be available this spring. if you buy the sampler now, you will receive the full album at half price! yes!

third, upcoming shows!
january 29th – sideshow performance @ roxy & dukes
january 4 – february 9th – new orleans grind show (more info coming soon)
february 11th – baltimore, md (more info coming soon)
february 13th – live at bob & barbara’s lounge, philadelphia, pa (6-8p – free!)
more shows and info about these shows to be announced soon!

that’s all for now. see you next time!

hey! sorry it’s been such a long time since i’ve posted here. there’s been a lot going on! let’s see, where do i start?

first, i am now working at the coney island usa sideshow! monday-friday, until september 1st. show runs continuously from 1pm – 8pm (last ticket sold at 7pm). tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for kids (under 12), at the door. more info can be found here.

second, the “ambush of the koala prince” tour in may went amazingly. thanks everyone who helped make that possible! special thank you to the most amazing friend & band manager ever, maryn.

third.. umm.. oh! i know i kind of faded away from vlogging but i am going to start that up again with, vcVlog2.0! it’ll start up within the next couple weeks. not sure if it’ll be a daily vlog or a weekly one. we shall see.

as well as working at coney island, i am still going to be doing other shows throughout the summer! then this fall i will be embarking on a two month long tour with the squidling brothers circus sideshow! yes!

so many things going on. remember, keep checking out the shows page for the most up to date shows. and come visit me at coney island! it’s a ton of fun and i’m working on some fun acts for that show. i will try to post here / blog more often. hope everyone is well!!!! cheers!

i have a bunch of upcoming shows! there’s this sunday (march 9) at the slipper room in nyc (facebook event) and then march 14 in fishtown for carnivolution (facebook event). then another show at bob & barbara’s in philly on april 15 then down to delaware for a show on april 19!

we’re also planning more shows, tours, recording, and all kinds of fun/crazy things! as soon as i know more i will relay it all back to you! hopefully see you soon!!!

hey! i’m working on updating velvetcrayon.com a bit. i’ve kept up to date with everything but i feel like things are starting to become a bit cluttered. sooo a little revamp is going to happen. things i want to change on the site, a new bio section (more visual, less textual) and really just better organization! so hang in there!

until then, check this out! click picture for a full article.. thanks Sincerely Yours for the kind words!

rush hicks & velvet crayon @ the slipper room