hey everyone! so i got electrocuted at the first show of the tour / last 2013 show of carnivolution! i was not able to join the squids on their fall tour because i actually was given three bone fractures from that electrocution! but i’m alive!!! because of this, i am releasing “koala vs. squid pt. 1” (which was to be a tour sampler) online right now and will sell physical copies in the future at shows. you can find it on velvetcrayon.bandcamp.com. i’ll update this again soon! hopefully see you at christmas carnivolution on december 13! check the shows page for more info!

hey! so this week i am filming the 10th episode of the vcVlog and i’m playing two shows! the first is tomorrow/friday at carnivolution and the other is the mad summer ii block party which is on saturday (i go on around 2p), more info about both shows can be found on the shows page! so come on out and be part of the 10th episode of the vcVlog! see you all soon!

thanks everyone for coming out friday night! carnivolution is always such an amazing time and that wouldn’t be true without all the great people that come and support us! thank you!!! this season is going to be a great one.

this is going to be a busy summer. lots of albums to record, lots of shows to play, and many adventures to be had & vlogged. there will definitely be some projects where we’ll be recruiting people to help (example: music video shoots). okay, that’s all for now, we’ll chat soon.

don’t forget to check out the vcVlog for all the adventures and things happening in the world of velvet crayon! thanks again!

hey! the first show of carnivolution is on friday, may 10th (tomorrow)!!! i am playing an electric velvet crayon set soon after doors open (doors open at 8pm) and then i am doing lots of fun and weird things in the sideshow with some of the most amazing people in the world. so come on out and party with us! here’s the flyer with more information!


an upcoming summer velvet crayon release, “room 1227b, silverstein” ep.

thanks everyone for coming to the jr’s show last night! thanks to everyone who played and listened and danced and laughed and drank. it was a fun night. working on lots of velvet crayon projects, more info soon.. 2012 = productive shade of crayon. roar.

hey! i’m playing a show on saturday, march 24th @ jr’s bar (facebook event) with the penniless loafers, thee our fathers & slutever. show starts at 9pm. it’s $5. i’m going to have some merch for sale! some cd-r’s, the brown koala stickers & some new stickers.

hello there! it’s been a long long while and i’m sorry about that. it’s a new year! i’m working on a lot of velvet crayon related things. i’ve strayed for a while working on side projects (which will be posted online this spring) but now it is time to get back to velvet crayon!

sneak peak of some of the things in the works. i am going to be playing shows again! yes, you heard me right and the first one will be on march 17th march 24th @ jr’s bar in south philly (more details coming soon – the line up is still being confirmed).

i’m also getting back to recording. there’s a few definite velvet crayon recording projects that are going to be released before the summer. one is a full length titled “ampersand imperfecta”. another is an ep that was recorded last year while i was stuck in bed and it’s called “room 1227b, silverstein”. mr adam x. storm helped release that on cassette tape which will feature a free download of the ep. another release is going to be an ep of velvet crayon playing heatsleeve songs (heatsleeve rocks!). there may be some other projects as well (maybe the childrens album-as an ep? maybe a live album?), we’ll see.

also, there is going to be a major overhaul of velvetcrayonDOTcom so that you will be able to download every velvet crayon release! promise!

that’s all for now.. oh, i guess i should explain the reason for the image above, well, i am going on a grand adventure to the lovely state of illinois for a little over a week to visit some friends and such. i’ll take lots of pictures and probably post a bunch on here. going to try to bring an ukulele so i can write while i’m out there.

i’ll try to update more and even post a song before i leave on my trip. cheers!


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thanks to everyone who came to the show, played at the show & helped with the show saturday night! it was my first one in almost a year and i had a freaking blast. can’t wait to play again soon. thanks again!

photo credit: garrett matthew.