hey! i’m working on updating velvetcrayon.com a bit. i’ve kept up to date with everything but i feel like things are starting to become a bit cluttered. sooo a little revamp is going to happen. things i want to change on the site, a new bio section (more visual, less textual) and really just better organization! so hang in there!

until then, check this out! click picture for a full article.. thanks Sincerely Yours for the kind words!

rush hicks & velvet crayon @ the slipper room

hey! i’m in a magazine! yep, velvet crayon is featured in “the sound issue” of Philly Current Magazine. there’s a preview below and you can pick it up at various locations around philly & south jersey (full list at phillycurrent.com/locations.html).

thanks to kurt james brennan who provided a lovely photo from carnivolution.. to vogelsong for helping me edit down some very long long rambles.. thanks to kate concannon for writing a lovely article and thanks to maryn for billions of things!

*also, you can read it online here:


hey everyone! 2013 was a crazy year for me (erik) with velvet crayon. let’s see: lots of carnivolution and sideshow madness! met some amazing people and friendly faces (performers and spectators alike). recorded the album “koala vs. squid pt. 1”. i redid the entire velvetcrayon.com website! put the entire musical catalog on bandcamp. made the “koala overtakes me” video. played more shows than i have any other year! oh and i got electrocuted!? that was crazy. let’s not do that one again, okay?

carnivolution christmas was a lovely last show of the year and i’d like to thank everyone who came and filled me with the must love and support! i didn’t not expect it and it really touched my heart. thank you.

sucks that i didn’t get to tour in 2013 but that won’t be the case in 2014! yes! tours!! yep, you read that right. multiple tours! more info on that as the year begins. 2014 should be even more shows than 2013!

a few thanks are in order for the awesomeness of 2013. first, maryn, she does so much for this thing called velvet crayon (and for me) and i could never even begin to explain it all or thank her enough. second, the squidling brothers, matterz squidling, & jellyboy the clown; you’ve helped me grow so much in 2013 and play so many shows and opened up so many opportunities for me. thank you! can’t wait to explore this craziness with you more in 2014!

shit, i started naming people, but my brain is blank now.. there’s so many people i should thank by name but they know i’m scatter brained and i ask them to use their love for me to forgive me for my blankness. i love you.

thanks to everyone who came to shows, everyone who clapped and laughed and cried and booed and called me “mr. president” and listened to rambles or didn’t mind late night text messages from the hospital. thanks to everyone for all the love and awesomeness. love you all more than i could ever explain. velvet crayon would be nothing without all the people who are kind enough to share their love with me. thanks!

i know i said i was going to record 3 full length records in 2013.. that didn’t happen. i didn’t actually record any of those albums? but i played a ton of shows. next year i am going to try to take time to record more and release more music for you all to hear! not going to make so many specifics this year. but there will be new music, i promise that.

i think that’s all for now? 2013 is coming to an end and i can’t wait to see what 2014 has to bring. see you in the year of new! love! love! love!

p.s. i’m sure i forgot a billion things, sorry about that. i’m tired. but i’m looking forward to spending 2014 with you! thank you for a lovely 2013.. no more electrocution.. let’s make 2014 even better!

hey everyone! so i got electrocuted at the first show of the tour / last 2013 show of carnivolution! i was not able to join the squids on their fall tour because i actually was given three bone fractures from that electrocution! but i’m alive!!! because of this, i am releasing “koala vs. squid pt. 1” (which was to be a tour sampler) online right now and will sell physical copies in the future at shows. you can find it on velvetcrayon.bandcamp.com. i’ll update this again soon! hopefully see you at christmas carnivolution on december 13! check the shows page for more info!

hey everyone! it’s been a while since i’ve done this whole “news”/blog thing but there’s been so much happening so i thought that i should update you all here!

first, I’M GOING ON TOUR WITH THE SQUIDLING BROS CIRCUS SIDESHOW! yes! i’ll be playing lots and lots of music (some solo velvet crayon sets, as well as some electric music during some of the sideshow acts) as well as doing my own brand of sideshow humor/comedy/music. here’s the facebook event with more info & here’s the tour dates (more info & dates to be announced):

Friday October 11 – Carnivolution, Philadelphia PA
Sat. Oct 12 – Bizarre Brooklyn, NY
Tues. Oct 15 – The Lava Lounge w/ Phat man Dee Pittsburgh PA
Wed. Oct 16 – Nietzches Buffalo NY
Thurs. Oct 17 – Now That’s Class Terra Incognita and Pinch and Squeal Cleveland OH
Fri. Oct 18 – Theatre Bizarre Opening Gala Detroit MI
Sat. Oct 19 – Theatre Bizarre Detroit MI
Sun. Oct 20 – Live w/ mabel syrup Ann Arbor MI
Thurs. Oct 24 – Live Wire Chicago IL
Fri. Oct 25 – Stone Fly w/ Brooklyn 6 Milwaukee WI
Sat. Oct 26 – The Parkway Theater Minneapolis MI
Sun. Oct 27 – Wisco Madison WI
Wed. Oct 30 – Vaude ville mews Des Moines IA
Fri. Nov 1 – The Record Bar w/ Annie Cherry and friends Kansas City MO
Sat. Nov 2 – The Lizard Lounge w/ Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy Wichita KS
Wed. Nov 6 – Fluxx Tucson AZ
Fri. Nov 8 – Alwun House Phoenix AZ
Sun. Nov 10 – The Dive Bar w/ Swing Shift Sideshow Las Vegas NV
Tues. Nov 12 – mesa theater grand junction CO
Fri. Nov 15 – Neuro Lux Boise ID
Sat. Nov 16 – Old Whitaker Fire House w/ Trudy Bauchery Eugene OR
Sun. Nov 17 – Dante’s- Sin Ferno Cabaret Portland OR
Thurs. Nov 21 – Cafe Van Kleef’s w/ Kitty Chow and Fisherman Oakland CA
Fri. Nov 22 – Inner Mission w/ Vau De Vire Society San Fran CA

second, the vcVlog has been lacking and i’m really sorry about this. i’ve still been doing the vlogs and filming everything in life but i just haven’t uploaded them to youtube. this will change either later this week or early next week! i will upload all the past vlogs as well as a bunch of bonus footage & a vlog apology for my lack of attentiveness.

i will be doing the vcVlog on the tour as well! yes! we’ll see how that goes. hopefully i’ll be able to upload & edit them while on the road. but there is definitely going to be a ton of footage from the tour!

i know there’s other things going on.. hmmm.. oh! i think i’m going to add an actually textual “blog” section to here and that will be like a tour blog where i’ll probably mostly write rambles from the road.

the plan for 2013 was to record & release 3 full length velvet crayon albums but this plan has been changed due to the massive amount of shows i’ve been playing this year as well as the upcoming tour with the Squids. BUT i will release some new velvet crayon music this year. i am currently recording a cd that i will release on the tour (a velvet crayon tour sampler cd thing) which will be available on the tour as well as on bandcamp. i am also thinking about releasing an ep that has demo’s & live ukulele songs that i’ve done throughout Carnivolution 2013.

then in december & january i will get back to recording the 3 full length velvet crayon albums to be released in early 2014! i have a lot of songs waiting to be recorded.

i think that’s everything for now. sound good? awesome. let’s talk soon. and check out the facebook event for the tour as well as the velvet crayon show’s page for other upcoming shows!

hey! so this week i am filming the 10th episode of the vcVlog and i’m playing two shows! the first is tomorrow/friday at carnivolution and the other is the mad summer ii block party which is on saturday (i go on around 2p), more info about both shows can be found on the shows page! so come on out and be part of the 10th episode of the vcVlog! see you all soon!

thanks everyone for coming out friday night! carnivolution is always such an amazing time and that wouldn’t be true without all the great people that come and support us! thank you!!! this season is going to be a great one.

this is going to be a busy summer. lots of albums to record, lots of shows to play, and many adventures to be had & vlogged. there will definitely be some projects where we’ll be recruiting people to help (example: music video shoots). okay, that’s all for now, we’ll chat soon.

don’t forget to check out the vcVlog for all the adventures and things happening in the world of velvet crayon! thanks again!

hey! the first show of carnivolution is on friday, may 10th (tomorrow)!!! i am playing an electric velvet crayon set soon after doors open (doors open at 8pm) and then i am doing lots of fun and weird things in the sideshow with some of the most amazing people in the world. so come on out and party with us! here’s the flyer with more information!


hey! so i have started vlogging. i’ve been posting one weekly vlog (posting usually on tuesday’s, sometimes monday’s), i’m calling them the vcVlog and here’s a description of them:

The Velvet Crayon Vlog or vcVlog, as we’re calling it, is going to be a weekly video consisting of things that happened during that week. Video will be recorded every day and compiled into a weekly vlog which will be posted on every Tuesday.

there are also some live videos up on youtube on the velvet crayon playlist.

i have some shows coming up! may 10th is the beginning of carnivolution season!! so excited. during the opening show of the season i am playing a velvet crayon set before the sideshow as well as doing some acts within the sideshow. i will be doing things within the sideshow all season so definitely come check it out, carnivolution is always an amazingly awesome time! there’s more info on the upcoming shows page. there you’ll see some other shows that are going to be happening too! lots of fun stuff this summer.

still recording, it’s slowed a little because of other things that have been going on but i am recording! the goal is three full length albums this year (and probably a couple eps and maybe a single). hmmm, what else, oh! stickers are coming soon! i’ve ordered them and just waiting for them to arrive in the mail! yes!

the live show will be evolving all summer long! there’s lots of ideas and experiments happening in velvet crayon world to expand everything (still going to be a one manned band, but definitely evolving the live experience). so excited!

that’s all for now. check out the vcVlog, subscribe to the youtube channel, i post a bunch on the vcFacebook & i will see you all very soon!

well hello there friends so a few things have been happening in the world of velvet crayon and i thought that i should fill you all in.

first of all the “limited edition” tour that maryn & i had planned for may of this year (2013) has been delayed until next year (2014). i know that may seem like bad news or as though something went wrong but it’s actually good news! maryn recently got a super bangerang job which she would not be able to take time off of so soon after being hired and it also looks as though that we are moving (around the time when the tour would be)! not very far, but to our own house (maryn, jason & myself)! this will mean more arts, more musics and more crazy absurdness. it will also mean we will be able to better plan out the activities of velvet crayon since we’ll be under the same roof.

second, umm.. okay, i’m going to abandon this “first.. second..” thing and just write what comes to mind that i wanted to tell you all.

okay, so you know the limited edition tour is now going to happen next year. you know we’re most likely moving. i’m recording! yes! the plan is to release three full length albums this year! they shall include: “ampersand imperfecta”, “play’s children’s songs, sorta (if your kids drop acid)”, and an untitled album which i’ve been tentatively calling “the lost they are a generation” but i don’t know yet if i’ll keep that title or change it.

also, there will still be a bunch of shows this year. i just played at the station bar this past friday (some live clips of that will be posted soon, i think i’ll post one today actually), i made a guest appearance at a sideshow called Clown Babe and the Freakin Rican Show which was a lot of fun and i’m also going to be participating in the Squidling Brothers Carnivolution again this year (first show is May 10th!).

oh! video blogs or vlogs as maryn keeps trying to get me to call them. maryn and i have decided that i am going to do a vlog for velvet crayon. one vlog a week! not sure how long they’ll be but they will just be things that have happened in the world of velvet crayon that week. i don’t know what day of the week i’ll post them but i’ll try to always post them the same day. i hope to start that next week? maybe monday or tuesday i’ll post the first one? i’ll post here and on facebook when it’s up.

i think that’s about everything for now. maryn will start blogging more once the move happens and she’ll be in the vlogs. if i forgot anything, i’ll post again later. hope everyone is well, cheers!