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Music Videos:

sleep it all off – tinydesk contest

koala overtakes me

brains (video by rick rumplik)

eskimo’s hate penguins

shoegazer (live music video)

nursery rhyme blues – alternate tiny desk submission

Live Videos:

full mausoleum party set

full carnivolution opening set

monsters (under the bed)

i wanna dance with a hipster girl

new york city (gimme back my girl)

nursery rhyme blues

vodka pickles (la la la)

i’m pretty sure she uses jelly (but i’ll ask her the next time we have toast)


clean [heatsleeve]

fuck star command (ukulele)

god forsaken town [koonda holaa]

true love will find you in the end [daniel johnston]

Cabaret / Sideshow:

electric pickle trick

the world’s greatest cripple ribbon dance

“to be a freak” cutting off clothes act

squidlings in berlin

squidlings euro promo 2016


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